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Tiger - The Authorized DVD Collection

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For the 1st time ever before, Tiger Woods unlocks to his amazing lifestyle in golf-- coming from the pledge of a prodigy to one of the most leading force in the past history of sporting activity. TIGER: THE ACCREDITED VIDEO COLLECTION tells a story of unequaled ambition, devotion, as well as success interweaved with personal interviews as well as previously unseen pictures, movie as well as video clip stores. Here in this spectacular 3-disc collection revealed through Laurence Fishburne, Tiger provides an exclusive account of his mission for golf's greatest honors as well as supplies a first-hand consider exactly what this takes to be the finest. This's an uncommon possibility to stroll down the fairway with one one of the most significant professional athletes of all time.Tiger: The Licensed VIDEO Selection is the true package: a detailed three-part bio of the globe's most famous golf enthusiast, revealed through Laurence Fishburne as well as secured through interviews with Woods themselves, his dad as well as mother, as well as others. The 1st part,"Tiger's Prowl: His Life "(85 minutes ), summarizes his very early lifestyle, with home flicks of your man turning a nightclub as a little one, his 1975 TELEVISION appearance with Bob Chance on The Mike Douglas Program, his USA Juniors as well as USA Amateur championships, his time at Stanford, as well as discussion of his multiracial heritage as well as precisely how he obtained his label. The 2nd part," Tiger's Victim: His Majors"(75 minutes)is the most effective, with much less time committed to talking-head interviews as well as additional to golf video footage. From his 1st major succeed at the 1997 Masters to the 2002 USA Open up at Bethpage Black, Woods either dominates the profession through a few movements or reveals his cold-blooded will to succeed, including when he outlives the unexpected Bob May at the 2000 PGA Champion. Yet this hasn't all of been very easy for Tiger, as well as the segment also covers his struggles in 2004, his 2nd straight year without succeeding a primary competition. The last part," Tiger's Prints: His Heritage "(65 minutes), might appear untimely taking into consideration Woods was still under 30 during the time to this 2004 film, but there's no doubt that he possesses already possessed a primary effect on the game, inspiring a brand-new production of gamers, encouraging the present production of the have to boost their games to contend, as well as attracting a totally brand-new group. Among the various other interviewees are legend Jack Nicklaus, buddy as well as fellow expert Mark O'Meara, caddie Steve Williams (but no Oversight Cowan ), deposed swing train Butch Harmon, commentator Bob Costas, other-sport celebrities Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, as well as Charles Barkley, as well as, by chance, pop singer Celine Dion. At 3 hours as well as Forty Five minutes, the bio is ungenerously top three discs, but there's also an hour of incentive features(most enjoyable is a montage of Woods's best shots; most considerable is a 24-minute clinic in which he illustrates his game before a market), as well as some content features. Tiger: The Licensed VIDEO Selection is by no means ideal-- this requires even more golf action, as well as only crazed supporters will watch all the interviews much more than once. Yet in terms of comprehensiveness as well as the degree of Woods's involvement, this surely towers over the a variety of video clip bios (as well as TELEVISION biopic) that have actually emerged since that 1997 weekend at Augusta spellbinded the globe.-- David Horiuchi

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Run Time: 225 Mins Chronicles a story of unparalleled ambition, dedication, and success Personal interviews and previously unseen photographs Spectacular 3-disc set Tiger gives an exclusive account of his quest for golf's highest honors

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