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Keeping Dogs Safe in the Car

Keeping Dogs Safe in the Car

While people are required to strap on seatbelts whenever they are in their cars, their accompanying dogs are not required to wear such. However, humans and canines are subject to the same risks. If ever an accident happens, the dogs can be at risk – or the dogs can be a risk to the driver because they become agitated during the ride. Thus, a dog seat belt or a harness is essential to keep both the driver and the dog safe.

Benefits to Both the Driver and the Dog

There are several reasons for your pooch to wear a seat belt while traveling. Plus, it’s a responsible choice to make for man’s best friend.

Security. While there are dogs who love to ride along with their humans, there are also canines who become agitated while in a moving vehicle. If ever you stop and get out of the car, your dog may want to tail you. If your dog tends to run around, it could be hit by another vehicle – and a beloved pet’s death can be traumatic.

Also, in an event where you may be injured, you may be unable to control your frightened dog. Thus, a dog harness keeps it in place and allows emergency personnel to aid your dog.

Safety. One benefit of a canine seat belt is safety. In case of an accident or sudden stop, your pet dog will not likely be thrown off the seat into the driver, another passenger, or a seat or window. Unlike humans, dogs are not able to grip properly in such situations.

Comfort. An option for travel with your dog is to put it inside a crate, but that may be uncomfortable during a long trip. A seat belt for dogs allows them to appreciate the travel experience, and allows movement for the dog to change positions so that it may be comfortable during your travel.

Behavior. If the pet dog is likely to constantly move around while on the road or climb all over the car, you may not be able to control your dog. The seat belt can help your pooch understand that being good and still in the car is a necessity.

If your dog does not take lightly to being restrained and if it constantly cries or barks, treat your dog to a snack or bring along a chew toy as a reward for allowing it to be strapped to the seat belt. Don’t let your dog think it’s a punishment, but rather let the dog know it’s a good thing.

Distractions. Your dog may be a distraction while you drive; thus, make sure to strap in your canine friend. As you drive, you should focus on the road and on your driving actions, not on your dog who seeks attention.

A climbing, wiggling dog can be very distracting – not to mention dangerous. Even if your dog is usually behaved and sits still while you drive, that may change in an instant. Your dog may not understand that its need for attention may be bad in a moving vehicle.


It is a responsible thing to keep your dog in a dog car harness while it is accompanying you on a ride. It benefits both you and the dog. It also benefits the driving public. You will do everything to keep your dog safe. Think about your dog’s wellbeing when you travel with it. Do this by strapping your dog in.

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